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O2Sensors News - The Online Oxygen Sensor Specialist is an Australian owned and operated online specialist oxygen sensor outlet offering a huge range of O2 sensors for vehicles available in Australia. In addition to over 750 oxygen sensors, one of the largest ranges available, also supply many tools and accessories such as sensor fitting sockets, bungs and testers. Almost all of sensors are “Direct Fit”, so they are easy to install with made to measure cable lengths and original...    read more

Automotive EGR Valves Online

Engine Sensors (Aust) has announced the launch of, an online store specialising in automotive EGR Valves. is an Australian owned and operated online specialist Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve outlet offering a huge range of automotive EGR Valves for many vehicles available in Australia. The web site search engine contains hundreds of vehicle application listings, and features clear colour photographs of EGR valves to...    read more

Automotive Oxygen Sensors from Walker Products USA currently supplies oxygen sensors from leading manufacturers including, Bosch, Delphi, VDO, Denso, NTK, and Walker Products USA. We offer over 750 Direct Fit Oxygen and Air Fuel Ratio Sensors covering over 8000 vehicle applications all with OE Form, Fit and Function that meets all original equipment specifications, suitable for over 13 million vehicles in Australian. Some of our range includes oxygen sensors from Walker Products Inc. USA, a QS-9000 / TS16949 /...    read more

Oxygen Sensor related Engine Codes - Don’t Jump to Conclusions!!

We often receive inquiries where an engine light is on, and the vehicle has been diagnostically scanned, and an Oxygen Sensor related engine code results. Many people think that if you get one or more of these codes you must have a faulty oxygen sensor, however this is not necessarily the case, so don’t jump to conclusions. Many engine codes may relate to the oxygen sensor however it is not always the sensor that is the cause of these codes. When you get an oxygen sensor...    read more

Automotive Ignition Leads Online

Engine Sensors (Aust) has announced the launch of, an online store specialising in automotive Ignition Leads, for vehicles available in Australia In addition to offering a huge range of over 350 quality ignition lead sets, one of the largest ranges available, also offer several Ignition Coil and Lead set packs for many common vehicle models. Every ignition lead set purchased comes with a free set of Ignition Lead and Boot Pliers. The...    read more

I need an Air Fuel Ratio Sensor for a non-original application?

Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) sensors are complex electronic devices and require their own ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) to operate correctly, usually found in the vehicle Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Any AFR sensor fitted that is not to exact specification will not function correctly without, what we will call for this explanation, the “marriage triangle”; Vehicle married to correct ECU Correct AFR sensor married to ECU’s ASIC AFR married to correct vehicle....    read more

Getting Technical - Air Fuel Ratio Sensors

At we often get asked the difference between an Oxygen Sensor (O2 Sensor) and an Air Fuel Ratio Sensor (AFR) . The air fuel ratio sensor is a newer type of oxygen sensor which is slowly replacing the traditional Zirconium oxygen sensor in modern motor vehicles. They started being used on a few Toyota models in 1997, but have been used more and more in recent years. Many Japanese and German cars are the early adopters of this type of sensor. Both the O2 sensor and AFR...    read more

Why should I replace sensors in pairs?

At we strongly recommend changing sensors as pairs. That is BOTH PRE-Cat or BOTH Post-Cat sensors at the same time. Sensors that are not performing at maximum efficiency may not cause the check engine light to illuminate, but will usually cause the air fuel ratio to move to rich which can effect fuel economy and cause possible damage to the catalytic converter. A slower sensor may be operating at some level; however this may cause an imbalance or loss of synergy...    read more

My Oxygen Sensor looks different! offers a huge range of Oxygen Sensors for vehicles available in Australia and New Zealand. We offer all types of Original Equipment (OE) quality replacement oxygen sensors, almost exclusively Direct Fit for thousands of automotive applications. We supply sensors from many leading manufacturers including Walker Products, Bosch, Delphi, VDO, Denso, and NTK. It is possible the oxygen sensor on your vehicle may look different to the photo or drawing we show on our...    read more

How often do I need to replace Oxygen Sensors?

Oxygen Sensors replacement should be part of a vehicles preventive maintenance program. Don't wait for them to fail; they are service parts not repair parts. Oxygen sensors are very important engine management part and are a critical element in the vehicle emission control system. That’s why checking and if required replacing a worn out or ageing oxygen sensor should be an important part of every routine service. A faulty, worn, underperforming or damaged O2 Sensor can:...    read more

Find Oxygen Sensors by OE Numbers has recently enhanced it online search facility to incorporate thousands of OE part numbers, allowing for fast and accurate identification of the oxygen sensor you need. The web site features an Original Part Lookup search which includes OE number cross references, so you can find the correct replacement sensor based on the original part number. Original Part Lookup offers many benefits to the installer. If you have had no success with a vehicle...    read more