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My Oxygen Sensor looks different! offers a huge range of Oxygen Sensors for vehicles available in Australia and New Zealand. We offer all types of Original Equipment (OE) quality replacement oxygen sensors, almost exclusively Direct Fit for thousands of automotive applications.

We supply sensors from many leading manufacturers including Walker Products, Bosch, Delphi, VDO, Denso, and NTK. It is possible the oxygen sensor on your vehicle may look different to the photo or drawing we show on our web site, or from the product you are supplied.

Does oxygen sensor body or tip style make a difference?

As we use a range of manufactures sometimes there may be varying sensor body or tip styles, but this DOES NOT mean that the oxygen sensor is incorrect.

At all our oxygen sensors offer OE Form, Fit and Function that meet or exceed all original equipment specifications and test requirements. This means that the replacement sensor we offer is specifically manufactured to suit your vehicle, so generally the sensor body style is irrelevant.

Oxygen sensor body shape and size ARE NOT related to vehicle compatibility or function.

In these examples below you can see how some thicker body sensors vary in comparison to smaller, thinner bodied sensors; however all these sensors offer the same performance and fit. If your original unit is thicker and you receive a thin body replacement this is not an indication that sensor function will be different.

It is sensor characteristics like sensor type (zirconia, titanium), heater circuit specifications, connector plug type and the number of wires that are the important factors, the look of the sensor is not technically relevant.

Examples of the possible different body and tip styles available on oxygen sensors

body tip styles oxygen sensors

body tip styles oxygen sensors